Stagecoach 2019


Stagecoach are pleased to announce their 2019 vehicle order programme and we are happy to print the book with full details. 

Details of the new orders are as follows:

  • 131 ADL MMC E400 double-deckers
  • 95 ADL MMC E200 single-deckers
  • 28 ADL MMC E200 midibuses
  • 12 ADL MMC E400 XLB Volvo B8L double deckers
  • 32 ADL MMC City E400 BYD Electric Bus double deckers
  • 12 Optare Metrocity Electric Bus single deckers
  • 4 Optare Solo Electric Bus mini-buses
  • 14 Plaxton Panorama Volvo B11Rle double deck coaches
  • 8 Caetano Levante Volvo B11R coaches
  • 12 MCV Volco B8RLE single deckers
  • 3 Optare Solo mini-buses

The books, with vehicle allocations should be posted out by the end of the month, so make sure you order your copy now.

Download attached document

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